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  • Roland 罗兰 AR-200R

    Roland 罗兰 AR-200R

    Roland 罗兰AR-200R 罗兰ar-200r |录音24bit 48kHz的线性记录 24bit,48kHz的线性记录 没有运动部件 工业标准的极端可靠性 的录音时间 轻松地将消息与外部音频相结合 产品描述 1 / 2 1U机架


     Roland 罗兰 AR-200R

    Roland 罗兰 AR-200RRoland 罗兰 AR-200RRoland 罗兰 AR-200RRoland 罗兰 AR-200R

    罗兰ar-200r |录音24bit 48kHz的线性记录







    1 / 2 1U机架空间的数字音频录音机设计的任何要求高保真预申请的通知

    的ar-200r录音机是一个1 / 2的机架空间的数字音频录音机设计的任何要求高保真预申请的通知。的ar-200r提供广泛的控制选项,播放和录制音频以及复杂的内部列表。ar-200rs也可以作为从属单元在任何多通道AR播放或记录系统。它的1 / 2机架设计提供了一个紧凑的和移动应用的小足迹。




    是的ar-200r与48 kHz的高质量声音的行业标准,24位线性播放。用户可以从48kHz,44.1 kHz,32 kHz,22.05 kHz的选择,16 kHz和8 kHz的采样率。更长的记录时间的ar-200r还提供最新罗兰数字音频编码(RDAC)技术,它需要较少的内存几乎没有音质和长达130小时的音频录制的损失。一个紧凑的闪存卡插槽内置到前面板。多达1000个短语可以存储为播放与没有移动部件的可靠性。

    Product Description

    1/2 1U rack space digital audio recorder/player designed for any application requiring high fidelity pre-recorded announcements

     The AR-200R Audio Recorder is a 1/2 rack space digital audio recorder/player designed for any application requiring high fidelity pre-recorded announcements. The AR-200R offers extensive control options for playing back and recording audio as well as sophisticated internal playlists. AR-200Rs can also serve as slave units in any multi-channel AR playback or recording system. Its 1/2 rack design provides a small footprint for compact and mobile applications.



     Theme parks, museums, elevators, airports, buses, trains and trams are just some of the installations that can benefit from the AR-200R's high quality, up to 130 hours of recording time. The AR-200R has been used for educational narratives, background music, safety and warning messages, public transportation addresses, directional messages, broadcast station ID’s, news and sports intros, applause and laugh tracks, and any number of applications where instantaneous or continuous message playing is needed.

    Industry standard in sound quality and long recording times

     The AR-200R is the industry standard in high quality sound with up to 48 kHz, 24 bit linear playback. Users can select from 48kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 16 kHz and 8 kHz sampling rates. For longer recording times the AR-200R also provides the latest Roland Digital Audio Coding (RDAC) technology, which requires less memory with virtually no loss of sound quality and up to 130 hours of recorded audio. A Compact Flash card slot is built into the front panel. Up to 1000 phrases can be stored for playback with the reliability of no moving parts.